FAQ & Comments

DSCF2668We are always looking for ways to improve our service. Please join in this forum if anything is not clear, if you have suggestions that would improve your experience, or a straight up constructive criticism. We appreciate your feedback and assistance in providing a better product. We will do our best to reply promptly to all posts.
Looking forward to a conversation,

Pascale Bonin and Paul Martin
Owner/operators of Lac Labbé

Just to get things started here are a few questions we have encountered:
You advertise exclusive rental use but your family also lives at Lac Labbé. Isn’t this a contradiction? We are easily accessible throughout the day for any questions or issues that may arise during your stay. We respect your privacy and rights to fully enjoy your cottage rental and lakeside activities. You decide the level of interaction you are comfortable with.
Is there fishing at Lac Labbé? We do not stock Lac Labbé with sport fish – the ecosystem in the lake has naturally evolved over time. The fish are plentiful and small and some children really enjoy catching and releasing them from the deck. Don’t skip your groceries or you might be disappointed ?
Are the chalets air conditioned? No, due to our elevation the weather is not excessively hot and humid in Rivière-à-Pierre however fans are provided for those few exceptionally warm evenings.
Are pets permitted? Ours is exceptionally well behaved. We have decided to implement a no pet policy for several reasons and we have no reason to believe that your pet is anything but wonderful, however;

  • some guests are highly allergic to pets.
  • other guests will not consider renting accommodation that has had pets in it because they consider it unclean. We have taken exceptional care to keep the rental premises exceptionally clean and pet free including our own pets.
  • We have 2 dogs which we keep in our living space, and walk on a leash whenever guests are present. We also have 2 outdoor cats which keep a low profile when strangers arrive.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.