Business Meetings and Team Building

Small Meeting RoomLac Labbé has several options available for business and other group meetings. With an inspired view of Lac Labbé, these facilities are available for day use during non-peak periods (fall, winter and spring).

Larger groups may utilize our Conference Room for speaking events, business meetings, or team building activities for up to 50 persons. This lakeside Conference Room has a spectacular view of Lac Labbe and the surrounding mountains. This is not your ordinary hotel boardroom, but rather an inspired meeting place in nature. Tables and chairs can be set to suit your needs  and the building has wifi and toilet facilities. A coffee table may be set up at the back of the room and several club chairs are provided for lounging during breaktime.

A kitchen is available a few steps away, and would be suitable if you wish a  caterer to prepare and deliver lunch.

Team Building - Many activities are possible on this 250 acre private resort, including the use of the boats, trail systems, and large open grass fields. Please contact us for more specific information.

For smaller groups, the Salle de Séjour features a boardroom table which can accommodate up to 10 persons in a working environment with space to lounge during breaks. Additionally, several suites can be made available if sub-groups are required to meet and then reconvene. Room has wifi, and toilet facilities and up to two suites with kitchen facilities could also be made available. Many setup options are possible depending upon the needs of your group.